6 Sustainable Brands to Watch in 2023

by Liv McLeod
6 Sustainable Brands to Watch

Eco-consciousness can be really hard. Sometimes it's exhausting finding new brands to support when the convenient ones are right there, cheap, and offering the products we already know and love.

So to ring in the new year, we've done the hard yards and collated a few of many planet-friendly brands that we're falling in love with from afar. These six brands are making products that are totally green, innovative, and just all round brilliant. 

About A Dog

Toilet paper with a difference is all the rage at the moment. About A Dog are a small, Sydney-based toilet and tissue paper company. Unlike many other eco-focused TP brands, About A Dog manufacture all their paper right here in Australia.

All their products are made with recycled paper, and they're focusing on making their manufacturing as sustainable as possible, while still creating jobs for Aussies.

About A Dog's mission is in the name: a whopping 50% of their profits go straight to RSCPA NSW. As a bonus, all of their toilet paper is wrapped with images of cute little cats and dogs. It's a win-win.

These guys are still small and new, but they're definitely ones to look out for.

About A Dog


Zorali make the kind of products that make you want to quit your job, throw your laptop out the window, and slam your pedal to the floor until you reach the wilderness.

Selling camping gear, clothing, and even dog products, sustainability is at the forefront of Zorali's mission. They use natural fibres such as hemp, organic cotton, and recycled fabrics.

They state ethical treatment of supply chain workers as a top priority, are B Corp and Climate Neutral certified, and donate 1% of all their profits to the preservation and restoration of the environment. Check out their website - it's an absolute visual treat.

Aside from all that, their products are also just stylish as hell. A goal of theirs is to move towards the repair, resale, and recycling model, meaning an investment in their gear goes a long way. 



Bluem is a beauty product line that works to minimize their impact on the planet. They specialise in the bare minimum-type skincare, postulating that we don't need one thousand different products to feel comfortable in our own skin.

They make serums and exfoliators which are derived from natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients. They specifically stay away from any ingredients that would normally be added to ensure the longevity of the product, and instead use miron glass to protect their formula.

They use native ingredients, such as Kakadu Plum and Finger Lime, and extract these ingredients using rain-harvested water. Aspiring towards B Corp status, they also pride themselves on using carbon neutral papers, salvage offcuts of soaps, and have a TerraCycle in place.

They're also vegan and cruelty-free. 


Zero Co

Ready to stop throwing out single-use plastic bottles every time you finish a kitchen, laundry, or bathroom product? Zero Co.'s your guy.

Their forever-use bottles are made from ocean, beach and landfill-bound waste, and come with recycled-material refill pouches and a postage-paid return mailer.

You place an order, and when the bottles arrive, they're yours for life. When you need a refill, send the pouches in the mailer (for free!) back to Zero Co., and they'll fill and return them. It's basically an Uber Eats for sustainable cleaning products. Yummy.

Zero Co.'s current goal is to stop a total of 1.5 million plastic bottles going to landfill, and 1.5 million water bottles going into the ocean by the end of 2022. They have an online tracker of their progress on their website, and use a portion of the proceeds to fund large-scale ocean beach cleanups. They have a grand plan of 100 years of cleanups, taking place all over the world.

Zero Co


Ettitude describe themselves as a "fabric innovation and lifestyle brand", which is a fancy way of saying that they make gorgeous bamboo bedsheets. They want to make products that reduce their impact on the planet and are made with regnerative, natural resources.

They use bamboo sourced from Forest Stewardship Ceritifed Forests because it's a greener alternative to cotton. Their process involves spinning bamboo into a patented fibre that feels like silk, with none of the bad stuff. This process is a closed-loop process that saves 98% of the water it uses. They also use recycled plastic bottles to make the down in their quilts and eye masks.

Ettitude runs a textile recycling program in Australia, is partnered with charity:water, and their goal is to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. They make bedding, loungewear and towels, wrapped in reusable bags made from offcuts and eco-friendly packaging. These are sheets that really let you rest easy.


Parks Project

Parks Project was born out of a desire to preserve the national parks in the United States. Selling apparel, accessories and home decor that celebrate the outdoors, this Project is described as a business with purpose.

Beginning in 2014, the business was founded with a mission to give as much back to the parks as possible. Once they became an official partner of the parks, they created a Volunteer Alliance to host work days all over the country, and created a bunch of partnerships to keep supporting conservation projects.

To date, they've contributed over $2,500,500 to help fund important projects in national parks around the US. They've made an enormous impact, and keep growing every year.

Parks Project

A Greener 2023

These businesses are just a drop in the ocean of a bunch of amazing companies out there making a difference, and even then, it's impossible to summarise all the sweet intitiatives they're taking in a small paragraph. We recommend checking all their websites out and buying their products - they're so worth it.

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