The Best Review App for Shopify in 2023

by Liv McLeod
The Best Review App for Shopify in 2023

In Defence of the Customer Review

Did you know that 9 out of 10 customers won't purchase until they've read a review?
Why would anyone trust a random opinion on the internet?
Because they're completely impartial. Customers have nothing to gain by leaving a review (unless they're being offered a reward for doing so, which some businesses do).
But even if they are being bribed, there's no rules on what type of review they need to write. So when customers take the time to leave five stars and type out a compliment – it matters. And potential customers notice.

What Reviews Can Do For You: A Listicle

1. Boost sales
As mentioned above, customers actually really care if you have public reviews. In fact, product pages with reviews bring 3.5 times more conversions than those without.

2. Increase trust and loyalty
Having public reviews makes your business look as though it has nothing to hide. It also proves that you've served other customers in the past, and served them well. And if you're actively replying to your reviews, then it shows a potential customer that you care about their experience, and will endeavour to improve it next time.
3. Create a more informed customer
There's no better review for a product than from someone who's actually (gasp) used it. A well-written, swanky product description will only go so far to convince a customer that the product is useable, useful and unique.
4. Enhance search engine ranking
Product reviews are packed with relevant, handy keywords. So the more you have, the more they'll boost your Google rankings.
5. Free marketing
When you encourage customers to add images to their reviews, you're also automatically collecting UGC. It makes your product seem more legitimate, and shows social proof that it's something other people actually use.

Which App Do We Use?

At HeapsGood, we started with Judge.Me, which was a great entry level app for us. It was cheap and easy to use, with good customer service.
As our business grew, we needed more powerful functionality. So we switched to Okendo for a bunch of features including Google Seller Ratings, image and video capture, more polished review request emails, and advanced analytics.
Even more, we've since become super close with the Sydney-based Okendo team – they're a bunch of legends.
Below is a comparison of the two apps we think are the best options for collecting customer reviews in the Shopify app market at the moment. vs. Okendo reviews comparison

How We Get It Right

Here are some basic tips to get the best results from Okendo, based on our experience.
1. Automation is key
Create automated flows that are based on what your customers have actually purchased. Start with an initial review request, and then a reminder.
2. Consider your timing
Ensure your emails are timely and mapped to the customer journey. Every brand is different. Allow enough time to ensure that your customer has not only received their product, but had a chance to get to know it too. But don't leave it too long that the excitement has worn off and they're onto the next thing. We send ours out 10 days after the order is fulfilled and think that's the sweet spot!
3. Offer incentives
A discount on their next purchase, perhaps?


So, is or Okendo the better review app for you? It totally depends on where your business is at.

Just getting started with reviews and looking for an entry level option?'s cheaper plan is likely going to cover everything you need.

Already dabbling in reviews and ready to elevate your tech suite? Or, if the aesthetic and customisation of your review widgets and emails is important to your brand - Okendo is going to be a great fit.

If you are in the latter group or just keen to learn more, our mates at Okendo have given us an exclusive offer for HG customers: get a free 1 on 1 strategy session with Okendo customer success, no matter what size your business is.
Click here to book your strategy session.

Anyhoo, we'd love to know how you're going with collecting customer reviews at the moment! Hit us up with a comment or an email if you need any help.

Go on and get those reviews, mates!

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