We're Moving On Up

by Liv McLeod
HeapsGood. We're moving on up. Our new warehouse

Our New Home

It's finally happened... we've moved to a bigger warehouse!
This move's been happening in the background of all our day-to-day operations over the last few months. And boy, has it been a big one.
We've taken an old warehouse and made it new again. While we're proud to be upcycling a space, it took some hard work.
We had to revamp and varnish the floors, move across all our office things, and set up Astrid's packing bench in a new space.
Here's before...
We're looking forward to filling the space with all manner of plants, which will be stars in our in-house content videos.

Why move?

Not to flex, but we're moving because we're growing too fast!
It's been a crazy two years since HeapsGood's inception, and our production has grown so much that we've had to move to a warehouse four times the size of our OG one. We were literally at capacity in our old home!
This was only feasible due to your support. Thanks to everyone who believed in HeapsGood's, well, goods, as well as the contributors to our Birchal fundraising campaign, this move has been possible.

What does it all mean?

When you're a small business, working out of a small warehouse, there's not a heap of place to keep extra stock. That means that in the past, you may have noticed we occasionally run out of things.
Now we've got all this space, we can keep stacks of our most in-demand stock around. No more shortages!
We're also working on some really exciting in-house custom products. We're so keen to keep bringing you the most up-to-date eco ecomm supplies. 
Mum's the word on these for now, but the new space has made this possible.
And for those of you who've asked to see how we pack, and what we pack in your orders...
We've got all the room in the world to make these videos for you now! Get ready for a whole lot more HeapsGood BTS.
You'll get to know more about who we are, and even see Astrid the Tetris Master at work. 
It's also given us more space for ideas, meetings, and staff hangs, and all situated in a gorgeous, brightly lit warehouse.
We feel like this space will allow us to do some great stuff, and to keep bringing the best sustainable packing alternatives right to your doorstep.

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