Do Ecomailers Pass the Home Compost Test?

by Ace Reunis
HeapsGood - Blog - Do Ecomailers Pass the compost test?

Last year we had the opportunity to collaborate with Compost Revolution, an awesome Aussie organisation that is leading the way in education and products for home composting.

They reached out to us to test our Ecomailers in home composting conditions, to see if they composted as advertised.

We were really confident given the mailers are fully certified home and facility compostable, and from our own in-house testing.

But it was a great opportunity to get an independent assessment from a trusted and reputable organisation in the industry.

Compostable Packaging Standards

Ecomailers are Australian certified home and facility compostable


So, we sent some Ecomailers over to Compost Revolution.

One mailer went in a worm farm and the other in a tumbling compost, both items commonly found in Australian homes.

The results? A resounding success.

At 3 months, the mailers had disintegrated into smaller fragments.

And as we expected, the bags completely broke down after 6 months.
Compostable mailers breaking down

In both composts, only a delightful pile of organic biomass remained.   

It is fantastic news for our product team and of course HeapsGood customers supporting us on this journey.

At HeapsGood, we have two main environmental goals:

  1. Reduce the amount of single-use plastic ending up in landfill (and subsequently our ecosystem and food chain).
  2. Work towards carbon neutrality/positivity through planting trees and designing products that reduce carbon emission production.

As we continue to make ecommerce sustainable in these two key areas, this test was more validation that we’re on the right track.

Thank you to Ishka and the Compost Revolution team for putting our Ecomailers to the compost test!

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