What Is The Best Customer Service Platform For Ecommerce?

by Adam Sarfati
What Is The Best Customer Service Platform For Ecommerce?
In ecommerce, every query is a chance to create a customer for life.
At HeapsGood, this is at the core of our practice. We feel that these moments define who we are as a business and show customers that we're here to do whatever it takes to make them happy. It's our secret sauce in standing out in the jam-packed e-commerce playground of Australia.Needless to say, choosing the right customer service platform was more than a technical decision—it was about finding a partner that amplified our mission.
Moving from the good ol’ Gmail to the snazzy Gorgias marked our glow-up from small-time operators to the “kind of a big deal” in the e-commerce customer service league.

Price vs. Performance: Balancing Budget and Efficiency

With Gorgias' Shopify integration, we can see all order data and handle edits and refunds in one panel, enhancing our support for every HeapsGood human. Freshdesk and Zoho Desk have their perks too, especially for budget-conscious businesses looking for solid functionality without sacrificing performance—a crucial aspect for e-commerce sites in Australia trying to find the right balance.

Customer Service Gladiator Arena: Feature Face-off

Let’s dive back into what makes these customer service platforms the talk of the town:
Note: Our take on Shopify integration is a mix of our real-deal experiences and the general vibe as of 2024. Definitely hit up the latest reviews and updates from these platforms to keep things fresh.

Gorgias: More Than a Platform... A Partner

While Gorgias does come with a higher price tag, it's 100% worth investing in a platform that brings all your customer data into one panel. It enhances our CX teams responsiveness, personalisation, and most importantly time!
It isn't just about handling customer inquiries—it's an essential tool in our mission to provide the best customer service in Australia. 

Wrapping Up

Picking Gorgias was a no-brainer for us. It vibes perfectly with our mantra that epic customer service is what makes the e-commerce world spin and helps us provide even better service to every single HeapsGood human.


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