Who is HeapsGood?

by Liv McLeod
Who is HeapsGood?

Let's Chat!

You've seen the blogs, you've seen our eco-friendly packaging splashed all over the internet (and maybe at your doorstep), and yet you might still be wondering... who the hell is HeapsGood?

For any new friends, or old ones who've left it too long to ask and feel awkward now, here's the rundown on who we are.

We're a small, Melbourne-based sustainable packaging company. We were started by brothers Adam and Ace in Adam's living room in 2020. They had a dream to turn ecommerce sustainable in Australia, and then the world.

And things have been going pretty well so far. Plus, we got an actual warehouse.

The Master Plan (Kinda)

While providing sustainable packaging solutions is our raison d'etre, we're doing a bunch of cool things behind the scenes too. And if you had to look up what 'raison d-'etre' means, don't worry, so did I. 

1. Unf*ck the planet                                                       

We're currently working on our B-Corp Certification, as well as linking up with some amazing groups to focus on being a Profit for Purpose company.

One of these partnerships is with Ecologi, who are helping us achieve our dream of planting 150k trees.
For every order you make with us, we plant one tree. We're up to 19,000+ so far!

Ecologi trees plantedEcologi carbon offset

2. Become a one-stop ecommerce shop

We want to eco-revolutionize the packing process, and that means providing everything an ecommerce biz could need to go green. 
We listened to what you guys needed, and that's led us to releasing 8 new products this year alone. We're talking compostable labels, eco-friendly stickytape, and recently post-consumer waste custom cards.

If you have any suggestions for new products, chuck us a line here

3. Build a (talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, never been seen before) team

The bigger the team, the better we can serve you guys.
We've made a few more hires this year, and you'll meet them below! Don't be shy, we won't bite.

What You Missed In The Office

Things have been huge recently in the HeapsGood office. Moving warehouse. New team members. Lizzo's dropped a fresh album.

New Warehouse 

Our production has grown so much, we're moving to a new warehouse four times the size of our original one.
Which makes it, like, sixteen times bigger than the first official warehouse of Adam's living room.

We're all pretty excited to not be bumping elbows every time we reach for another lolly snake as we work.

New Team

We have some new staff! A bigger team means a hungrier team (science), so we've started doing Bahn Mi Tuesdays in the office. 

Georgia - Ecommerce Coordinator

Problem-solver extraordinaire and answerer of customer phone calls. Ask her the really hard questions.

Fave sustainable product: My trusty emotional support water bottle never leaves my side.
Can't live without: A really good coffee, my needy cat, a kindle. 
Bahn Mi order: Tofu, with chilli.

    Santiago - Content Creator

    Maker of lovely images and videos for all our products. Could make Count Dracula look like a Victoria's Secret model.

    Fave sustainable product: My loyal keep cup! 
    Can't live without: Music, life would be very boring without it.
    Bahn Mi order: Pork. Absolutely no cucumber (why?)

      Olivia - Copywriter

      Writes words good on all the social media and website. If you've seen any spelling or grammatical mistakes recently, no you haven't.

      Fave thing to do outside work: The 'ol razzle dazzle. I'm also a performer...  
      Can't live without: A severely over-planned Google Calendar. 
      Bahn Mi order: Tofu, NO chilli.

      Big Things Coming

      Behind the scenes, we've been working on a bunch of awesome partnerships.

      This means a whole lot of cool new products are in the works and will be gracing your screens soon. There's stuff you've asked for, and stuff you haven't even dreamed up yet.

      You're gonna love it!

      Thank you bucketloads for all your support so far. We think you rock. Keep doing good, friends.


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