Why Kraft Boxes Are The GOAT

by Liv McLeod
Why Kraft Boxes Are The GOAT

The Earth-Friendly Logic Behind HeapsGood's Packaging

At HeapsGood, we're not just in the business of selling packaging; we're on a mission to revolutionize the way packaging impacts our planet.
You might have noticed that we have a preference for kraft paper mailing boxes over their pristine white counterparts. So, why the deliberate choice for this earthy hue? The answer is more than skin-deep.

Unveiling the Dark Side of White (Boxes)

White boxes have a nasty side. The bleaching process involved in producing white paper mailing boxes often entails the use of harmful chemicals like chlorine. These chemicals can seep into the environment, contributing to pollution and disrupting the delicate balance of ecosystems.
But that's just the tip of the iceberg. White paper isn't just environmentally problematic during its creation; it's also a tough customer at the end of its life cycle. The inks used on white paper can be heavy in metals and other toxic substances, making recycling a challenge. It kinda puts a dampener on the whole "clean white box" vibe.
To top it off, the white boxes that are made with recycled content in Australia only go as high as 70%. And we ain't about using the other 30% of virgin materials for our packaging!

Why Brown is the New Green

Enter kraft paper, the unbleached and unadulterated alternative that's genuinely easy on the environment. Kraft paper is typically made from recycled materials, like post-consumer waste, giving a second life to resources that might otherwise end up in landfills.
By opting for brown kraft paper mailing boxes, we're minimizing the demand for new raw materials and conserving energy.
Moreover, kraft paper is more than just eco-friendly. Its natural appearance embodies a rustic charm that resonates with our commitment to sustainability. It's an aesthetic reflection of our values – down-to-earth, honest, and authentic.

Less Glue Equals More Sustainability

Now, let's talk about the sticky issue of glue. Many packaging solutions, particularly mailing boxes, rely on glue to hold things together.
But guess what's often lurking in that adhesive? Harmful chemicals. And while the glue on mailing boxes is recyclable, it still contains a plastic that we'd rather not be ekeing out into the world.
We make do with die-cut boxes. Like a beautiful origami swan, our boxes fold into themselves glue-free. Fun, planet-friendly, and sturdy AF.

Our Way

We get it: aesthetics matter.
A crisp white box might look visually appealing, but at HeapsGood, we believe in aligning beauty with a purpose. Our product journey is a fine balance between what looks best and what's genuinely better for our planet.
Sometimes, we face tough decisions – sacrificing a bit of visual appeal for substantial environmental gains.
This commitment reflects in every product we offer. From kraft paper to die-cut boxes, we're always thinking about the impact our choices have on the world around us. We're keen to pack a sustainable future.

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