Custom Cards A6

Follow the instructions below, and you'll be whipping up your own custom cards in minutes.

1. Click the download icon of your fave program (Adobe Illustrator, PDF or Canva, if you don't have the fancy-shmancy software).


2. You'll be presented with this template (front and back):
If you'd prefer to print one-sided, leave the back page blank and we'll keep it white.


3. Pop your design into the template, following the guidelines written in there.

If you're a new designer and using Canva:

  • Drag and drop your image onto the template.
  • Go to the top right hand corner, hit 'Position', and select 'Send to back'. Now you can still see the template guidelines. 
  • Make sure your design is within the dotted lines, but your background colour goes right to the edges.
  • Delete the guidelines text once your design is all sized up.
  • Go to 'Share' in the top right hand corner, 'Download', and then change the file type to PDF Print.
  • Select 'Crop marks and bleed', and set the Colour Profile to CMYK (for printing). See below:

      Then, download the template to your computer. 

      4. Head back to our Custom Cards page and select the size and quantity you're after.

      5. Upload your design just above the Add To Cart button, and then breeze through checkout. Now you can eagerly await your cards in the post!