Custom Printed Ecolabels

Design tips
  • A thermal printer uses heat instead of ink to print. Our Ecolabels are embedded with a heat-sensitive material that darkens as it heats up.
  • Thermal printers can only print in black and white, that's why we offer a range of colours for your custom label background!
  • Artwork can be supplied in colour, but will print in black and white.
  • Designs with solid line-work print best. 
  • Files must be uploaded as a PDF.
  • Please use our template linked above to ensure the sizing is print ready.

Product specs

  • Round (50mm diameter): 750 labels per roll 
  • Round (75mm diameter): 500 labels per roll
  • Rectangle (32x50mm): 1,000 labels per roll
  • Rectangle (48x100mm): 500 labels per roll
  • Square (50x50mm): 700 labels per roll
  • Oval (70x45mm): 500 labels per roll 
  • Print up to 4 designs per roll
  • FSC Certified and BPA Free
  • Industrially compostable (ENI3432)
  • Food grade
  • Made in Australia
  • The backing is made from glassine (as are all thermal labels), which is not curb side recyclable or compostable, but we are working on alternatives!