DIY Ecolabels - Print Positioning - Windows

How to fix your DIY Ecolabel print positioning

Having trouble getting your print centered on your DIY Ecolabels? Fear not! You're probably dealing with an alignment issue, either with the label roll in the printer or needing to adjust the printer margin. We're here to guide you through the solution!

If you're on Windows, we recommend using Adobe Reader or Acrobat, or even Google Chrome to open the file.

For Google Chrome, follow these steps: 

  • Right-click on the PDF file and select 'Open with Google Chrome.'
  • Click on 'Print using system dialog' for more print settings options.
  • Select TSC DA210, then click 'Preferences.'
  • Go to 'Advanced Options' to adjust the printing offsets.

For Adobe Reader/Acrobat, do the following:

  • Hit 'Print' and select your printer. Then, click 'Properties.'
  • Select the right media size and click 'Advanced Options' to adjust printing offsets.

Here's a quick guide on adjusting the offsets:

  • Print too far to the left? Increase the horizontal offset value.
  • Print skewed to the right? Decrease the horizontal offset value.
  • Print sitting too high? Decrease the vertical offset.
  • Print too low? Increase the vertical offset.
  • Yes, you can enter negative values. Once you find the perfect offset setting, go ahead and print in bulk, 50-100 labels at a time.