Ecolabel Paper Sizing (MAC)

Step 1 - Label Profile

Let's begin with creating a new label profile. You can open any image to do this or simply go to text edit and hit print.

Open the Print dialogue box > under Paper Size > select manage Custom Sizes


Click the + button > double-click on the 'Untitled' and change the name to Round Ecolabels > set the Paper Size: Width 50 mm and Height 50mm > set the Non-Printable Area to "Your thermal printer" and make sure all the values are set to 0 mm > click OK

Step 2 - Print Position

Now that we have the paper size setup, let's adjust the print position.

Under Preview > set the Scale: 100% 


Step 3 - Save the Preset

Let's save the settings we have done for future prints! 

At the top of the print dialogue box, select Save Current Settings as Preset

Rename the Preset Name: Round Ecolabels > click OK

Yay, you're all set now. When you are ready to print your design just make sure to select Round Ecolabels and hit print!