DIY Ecolabel Paper Sizing (Windows)

Step 1 - Paper Sizing

Let's begin by setting up the paper size for the DIY Ecolabels via the Windows Printer Preferences.

Note: Complete these steps for each new label size you're setting up.

In the bottom left corner, click Start, then Settings

Select Printers & Scanners. Find and select your thermal printer from the devices list, and then click Manage.

IMPORTANT! Depending on your printer, the layout of these settings will differ slightly. We've included images for TSC and Zebra, to help you set the paper size.


On the Page Setup tab under the Stock section, click New, and set the Name to either Round Ecolabels, Square Ecolabels or Rectangle Ecolabels (depending on your chosen shape).

Set the Type to Die-Cut Labels.

Set the Label Size to the same dimensions as your labels eg.

For Round 50mm Ecolabels, set the Label Size to 50mm, and click OK.
For Small Rectangle Ecolabels, set the Label Size to 50mm (width) and 32mm (height), click OK. 
For Square Ecolabels, set the Label Size to 50mm (width) and 50mm (height), click OK.  


On the Stock tab, set the Method to Direct Thermal, and click OK.



Open the printing preferences via Windows Printer Preferences from Step 1. 

Under the Stocks tab, click New, and set the Name to Round Ecolabels or Rectangle Ecolabels (eg. depending on your chosen shape).

Set the dimensions to the same size as your labels, as above.

Zebra GK420d 

Step 2 - Printing

Now, the fun part! We're ready for printing. Let's open your PDF or JPG file and open the Printing Dialogue Box (Ctrl+P)

Click More Settings, and set the Paper size to Round, Square or Rectangle Ecolabels.

Set the Margins to None.


That's it, you're all set now. When you're ready to print your design, just make sure to select Round, Square or Rectangle Ecolabels and hit print!