Ecostickers Template & Setup Guide

Step 1

Open our templates in Canva for

-Round Ecostickers Windows or Mac.

-Rectangular Ecostickers Windows or Mac.

(Please make sure you use the correct template for your system)

Then just follow the steps below. 

Upload your logo or design to Canva through the 'Uploads' Panel on the left-hand side. 

Step 2

Place your design in each circle 

-Anything outside this circle will not be printed on the sticker


Canva Ecosticker Template

Step 3

Remove/reduce opacity of the Circle template

- This is so the circle template won't print on the actual stickers.

- Select template image. Then select the "Transparency" icon (checkerboard icon as shown below) and move the slider from 100 to 0.

Make sure to select the background template not your logos.


Canva Stickers Setup Guide


- Download document by clicking the Download button at the top (arrow pointing down) and select PDF print File. This will be the file you will be printing off.

Step 4

Add your Ecosticker paper. In most printers you will put the labels side face down. We find we get better results when we remove any other paper and only put Ecosticker sheets in the tray.

Printer Tray Guides

Step 5

Print your Document

- File -> Print..

-A print dialogue box should appear


Step 6

Check Printer Settings

MAC - When printing click the “Page Setup...” button and make sure “A4” is selected for paper size and click "OK."

Your settings should match below: 

 Apple print setup

 Make sure you have selected "Custom Scale 100%" not the 'fit,' 'actual size' or 'shrink oversized pages' options.


WINDOWS - When printing click the “Preferences” button and select “A4” settings for paper size and click "OK."

Make sure you have custom scale set at 100% and have chosen paper source by PDF as per below.

windows print setup



-Print your design and brand your Ecomailers!



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If you have any issues just reach out to us at  and we will be happy to help.