Where HeapsGood All Began...


Now that we are all grown up, we wanted to take a moment to show where HeapsGood started.

Less than 18 months ago I was in my lounge room with my brother Ace.

We had boxes of our new compostable mailers stacked to the ceiling – down the corridor, at the front door, and wherever we could store them.

Our First Delivery

We got off to a bumpy start with our first order placed pre-COVID which caused everything to be delayed and pushed back our launch date by 2 months. 

We thought it was going to be a big order  we were wrong and the stock lasted barely 2 months.

First HG delivery

Home studio

For many, this part – creating content that is  can seem intimidating. For what it's worth, 90% of our creative has been done in-house (literally due to Melbourne lockdowns).

In the beginning we just worked with what we had. A bag of corn, a pot plant, some random office and household items. You’d be amazed at what you can do with a clean backdrop, some good continuous lighting and a decent camera.

HG home studio 

Although nowadays you can even get away with using your phone.

The rest can be done in post-production using the Adobe suite of products.

Vine shoot

If you would like a blog on the subject of content creation, let us know! 

The OG Packing bench

There is nothing wrong with starting small. Although at the time we were a little embarrassed to show you where we ran our business from. 18 months on, it feels like a stamp of approval.

OG packing bench

Our original packing bench is still getting a workout in the new HeapsGood HQ!

First orders being dispatched, using Auspost boxes 😏

Well, that’s a little embarrassing. We planned everything... or so we thought. Then our Ecomailers arrived and we realised: "hold on, we need proper boxes to put these in..." Talk about the oversight of the century.

First orders HG

Struggling to keep up

Once we reached the peak of lockdown in Melbourne 2020, we were struggling to keep up with the load. 

My living room was overrun with orders for dispatch and they were stacked out in the hallway. It was time for a proper warehouse.

Hallway storage orders

New space and lots more stock!

We moved into our new warehouse in September...

New HG warehouse

And with the new space came a raft of other changes including a new name.

HeapsGood shoot

And new some new products... 

Hex wrap stop motion

We also welcomed new members to the family and packed more orders than ever before.

New team members packing orders

Heaps more orders…..

Lots of orders


The Future of HG

What does the future hold? Well to start with, we've been listening to your feedback and have lots of exciting new products in the works that will help you continue to pack like a boss.

Aside from that, we are working on some awesome initiatives that will support some local organisations that are doing amazing things for the planet (as part of our push to be a true profits for purpose business).

I wanted to take this opportunity to extend a big thank you to all of you who are using HeapsGood products, who have told friends and family, and have supported us to grow into the "real" company we are today. 

Without such conscious brands driving the change away from single use plastic packaging in Australia, none of this would be possible. You are the ones making a difference and creating a better future  we are just here to help you facilitate that change.


  • Jack

    What an achievement! Great work guys! Keen to see some the new products.

  • Bart

    Amazing journey guys, keep it up 👏

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