Printer Setup Guide - Windows

Hey legends! This guide is for Windows users to set up your TSC Printer.

Visual learner? Watch the installation guide below.

Step 1: Download your drivers

  • Follow this link to download your driver.
  • Right click on the file and select Download.
  • You may see a warning pop up - don't worry, this is totally normal for third-party programs! Select Download Anyway.

Step 2: Setup Wizard 

  • Right click and open your downloaded driver file.
  • You should see the setup wizard pop up as below. 

  • Accept the license agreement terms, then click 'Next'.
  • Choose where the software will be saved (this can be anywhere on your computer).
  • At the below step, de-select the option to read installation instructions. Click 'Finish'. 

Step 3: Installation

  • For these steps you will need to turn on your printer and connect it via USB if you haven't already.
  • You'll see a new pop up, like below. Select 'Install printer drivers'.

  • Select USB for connection type. This printer can only be connected via USB.

  • Select 'Install a driver for a Plug and Play printer'. TSC DA210 should be appearing as the model type.
  • Name your printer (or leave as default), and choose whether you'd like to set this as your default printer. 
  • Click Finish and close the installer.

Step 4: Set your label size (for A6 Shipping Labels)

Using our DIY Ecolabels? Click here instead for label set up.  

  • Start by heading to your computer's 'Settings', then find 'Devices'.
  • Now, look for 'Printers & Scanners'.
  • From the printer list, select 'TSC DA210' and give 'Manage' a click.
  • Select 'Printing preferences'.
  • On the 'Page Setup' tab, you'll see a 'Stock' section. Here, you'll want to click 'New'.
  • Now, this is where you'll set your paper size for the Shipping Labels. Enter 'Width: 100 mm' and 'Height: 150 mm'.

Handy Tips:

Installing your labels

  • Remove the sticker from the label roll and unravel the roll a little bit. This way, you can install the roll so that the labels are on the top (you should be able to see the printed labels as they come out of the printer).
  • Use your thumb to pull the right side away – making space to install the roll:

  • Place the roll inside, with the label facing up towards you.

  • Close the lid firmly with part of the first label sticking out.

  • Push the feed button on the lid (the button on top of the printer). The machine will detect the label size, and move to the start of the next label.


Setting up and troubleshooting your DIY Ecolabels:
Click here for our DIY Ecolabel Guide.


Your TSC Printer is now ready to, well... print! 

If you have any questions that aren't answered in the guide above, send us an email at For anything complex, we'll book you in for a support call and walk you through it.

    Technical FAQs

    • Step 1: Your print may be too light or dark. Check your darkness settings by clicking here for a step by step guide.
    • Step 2: Are you using a new roll of labels? The first few labels may have been exposed to too much light, or adhesive from the production sticker which will impact print. Remove the first few labels and test again.

    Your media size may be incorrect. Click here for how to set your label size.

    This is likely a connection issue between your computer and USB port. If possible, we recommend testing your USB port with another device to ensure it's working.
    If your port is working but the printer still isn't connecting, get in touch with us!

    We have a super handy blog to help you get started! Read it here.

    This most likely depends on the program used to open the file. For example, Windows Viewer won't allow for multiple prints. We recommend using Adobe Reader or Google Chrome.

    Head here for our guide on setting up your DIY Ecolabels!