DIY Ecolabels Setup Guide

Paper sizing

First things first, you'll need to set your paper sizing to match the label size. Follow the link for your operating system below and follow each step.

Mac: click here
Windows: click here

Creating your labels

It's design time! Use our Canva templates below so your design is perfectly sized for print. 

Below is a little video showing you how to create your labels. 

Centering the image

Having trouble getting your print centered on your DIY Ecolabels? Fear not! You're probably dealing with an alignment issue, either with the label roll in the printer or needing to adjust the printer margin.

The secret sauce? Adjusting the printer offset and opting for bulk printing. 

Follow the below link for a break down for your operating system:
Mac: Click here
Windows: Click here

Printing multiple labels

Getting stuck only being able to print one label at a time? Sometimes the program used to open your PDF file can limit the number of labels you can print at once.
If you're on a Mac we recommend using the Preview app, and if you're on Windows use Adobe Reader or Google Chrome.


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As always, if you get stuck please reach out to us at  and we'll be happy to help!