Let's get thermal (printing)!

How to get started

Open the installation guide

Hit the link below to open the step-by-step installation guide for your Operating System.

Download your driver

From the installation guide, follow the link to download the driver for your Operating System.

Get installing

Make sure your printer is turned on and plugged in via USB. Complete all the steps in the guide, and we're printing!

Mac Users
Open the link below to get started.
Installation Guide
Windows Users
Open the link below to get started.
Installation Guide


We have a super handy blog to help you get started! Read it here.

We sure do! We sell A6 size Shipping Ecolabels, and our DIY Ecolabels come in round, square, rectangle and oval in a range of colours.

Anything you desire! You'll just need to be able to set your paper size to the correct size for your label. We have instructions for this in the installation guides above!

Head here for our guide on setting up your DIY Ecolabels!

Absolutely! You are free to customise your Ecolabels as you please. We have a guide and free Canva template you can use here.

Need Shipping Labels?
Compostable shipping labels, compatible with all major couriers.
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Customise Your Packaging
A cost-effective way to add your branding to your packages. Try our 100% compostable DIY Ecolabels.
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Need Support?

We're here to help! Get in touch via the email below.

Been through the guide and looking for technical support? Click the link below to book in a Google Meet call.